Lome, Togo

Togo shares borders with Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the south of the country, which is a narrow strip of land rising behind coastal lagoons and swampy plains to an undulating plateau. Northwards, the plateau descends to a wide plain irrigated by the River Oti. The central area is covered by deciduous forest while savannah stretches to the north and south. In the east, the River Mono runs to the sea; long sandy beaches shaded by palms characterise the coastline between Lomé and Cotonou in Benin.

Togo's capital, Lomé, is the only capital in the world which is situated right next to a border. The city itself is a mixture of the traditional, especially around the Grand Marché, and the modern. The fetish market, with its intriguing voodoo charms, lotions and potions, is an interesting place to wander.

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