Clara Island, Myanmar

Clara Island is one of 800 tropical islands of Myannmar spread over 14,000 square miles of Indian Ocean. Mountainous, jungle covered islands that teem with wildlife, spectacular waterfalls that tumble directly onto white sandy beaches fringed by pristine coral reefs is what to expect if you plan a visit here. Imagine no tourists and indigenous tribes with an exotic culture who live nomadic lives aboard their tiny boats. This is the Mergui Archipelago in which Clara Island is situated.

The indigenous people of the Mergui Archipelago are the Moken. These gentle, peaceful people are a source of fascination to anthropologists as they cling to their traditional nomadic existence, despite attempts to settle them in permanent villages. Traditionally the Moken do not fish. They are hunter-gatherers mainly living off shellfish collected in the inter-tidal zone.

They also free-dive for shellfish and sea cucumbers, sometimes diving to amazing depths ballasted by large stones tied to their waists. They also occasionally hunt wild boar and small deer in the forest with the aid of their dogs.

Plan to visit the Mergui between November and July. Mid December to the end of February is the best time, with warm, sunny conditions, a reliable 20 knots of wind every day and flat seas. March and April have little wind and are very hot. These are the best months for diving and snorkelling. From May to July there are strong onshore winds and thunderstorms.

General information

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency - Kyat (MMK)
Language – Burmese
Electricity – 2 vertical Square pins and one perpendicular below British style
Time - GMT plus six and a half hours
International Country Telephone Code +95

Transport Links – The usual way to get into Myanmar would be to fly into Yangon from either Bangkok or Singapore, both which have good connections from around the world and have several flights into Yangon daily.

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