Havannah Harbour, Vanuatu

Havannah Harbour, Vanuatu in the South Pacific is on North Efate island, located a pleasant 45 minutes drive from the capital Port Vila.

It is a place of stunning beauty and pristine lagoons with wonderful fresh seafood and tropical produce, particularly fruits.

Havannah Harbour is on the lee side of the island, protected from the predominant southeasterly Trade Winds. There is no industry, agriculture or large settlements in the area. The result is that rare combination of protected waters with open ocean visibility and abundant marine life, so it is considered a haven for scuba divers.

In Havannah Harbour, beaches aren’t the regular mish mash of sand and shells. Scattered among the crooked palm trees are tiny fragments of glass Coca-Cola bottles, their jagged edges smoothed by the passing of time. It’s not that this beach is littered in the traditional sense – these are relics of Efate’s military past, left behind by sweet-toothed American troops during World War II. By late 1942 the US Navy Seebees had constructed a 3,000 feet (910 m) by 180 feet (55 m) fighter airstrip at Port Havannah to combat the Japanese forces establishing bases on Guadalcanal which threatened the sea route between the U.S. and Australia.

General Information:

Language: French, Bislama (Creole), English
Currency: Vanuatu vatu
Time zone VUT (UTC+11)

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