Anakoa, Madagascar

Anakao is a small beautiful fishing village stretching over a long beach located about 40 kilometres south of Tulear, Madagascar. The relative isolation of the village has helped preserve a traditional Vezo lifestyle amongst its estimated 3,000 inhabitants; one of the highest concentrations of Vezo people found anywhere around the coastline of Madagascar.

Some very large and ancient tombs can be found behind the village and depending on the profession of the buried they are usually decorated with either oars or zebu horns. South of the village fragments of eggshells from the world's largest bird, the now extinct Aepyornis or elephant bird, can be found scattered along the beach.

Two small nature protected islands, Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana, are located close to the coast of Anakao. Both islands are uninhabited and can only be visited by day. Boat trips can be arranged usually by fisherman pirogue leaving from the village or via one of the hotels.

Things to see and do

* Diving
* Nosy Ve & Nosy Satrana
* Ancient tombs
* Elephant bird eggshells

General Information

Cruise Season Oct - May
Currency Malagasy ariary (MGA)
Language Malagasy, French
Population 3,000 approx
Electricity 2 round pins European style
Time GMT plus three hours
International Country Telephone Code +261

Travel Links Madagascar is accessible by air, train and boat.

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