Mayumba, Gabon

Located on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Gabon, Mayumba lies on a peninsula separated from the mainland by the Banio Lagoon. The most common ethnic groups are Vili, Lumbu, Punu, and locals of Mayumba town call themselves 'Mayesiens'.

Mayumba town is nestled amongst three small hills separating the lagoon from the ocean. Long white sand beaches (where leatherback turtles nest) stretch between the ocean and forest which is home to and shelters elephants, buffalo, gorillas, sitatungas (antelope), crocodiles, and multi-coloured birds.

Mayumba lies 20 kilometers north of Mayumba National Park, the only national park in Gabon that is dedicated to the protection of marine species.

Things to see and do
* Mayumba National Park
* Beaches

General Information

Cruise Season - Jan - Dec
Currency - Central African Franc (CFA)
Time - GMT plus 1
Language - French
Land area - 965km2
Population - 2,500 approx
Electricity - 2 pin Round pins European style
International Country Telephone Code - +241

Transport links

Mayumba Airport
Bush taxis go from Mayumba to Tchibanga and points north. There are usually bush taxis from Tchibanga at 6am. You may have to transfer to another bush taxi along the route.
Mayumba is small and you can walk most places in town and also to the beach.

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