Mukran, Germany

Mukran is the cruise port about 5 kilometres from Sassnitz on the Jasmund peninsula, RĂ¼gen Island, in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Rugen is Germany's largest island at 976 square kilometres but it is part of an archipelago of some 30 small islands and peninsulas in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania.

The Sassnitz area is popular for its famous chalk rocks and cliffsides.

Rugen Island, which includes the port town of Mukran, is a remarkably diverse destination of genteel seaside resorts, quiet little fishing villages, long beaches, tree-lined avenues, wild buckthorn hedges, ancient megalithic graves, 100 year old lighthouses, beech woods, sparkling lakes and the smallest national park in Germany - the Jasmund National Park.

The growing attractivenes of the Island of Rugen is making the Port of Sassnitz/Mukran increasingly popular with German and international cruise operators. With bus tours, flights over the island or individual excursions, discovering the Island of Rugen is like discovering Germany in one day!! There is a sense of nobleness also of the Belle Epoque era in the newly resplendent, former Imperial spa resorts which are a short stroll for visitors.

The fine wares of Germany are available in Sassnitz/Mukran. From precision optical equipment like binoculars and cameras, porcelain, handmade crystal, silver, steel ware, Solingen knives, leather ware, high quality sports equipment, toys from Nuremburg, Bavarian lodge cloth to special purchases in eastern German musical instruments, wooden carved toys from the Erzgebirge Mountains and Meissen china - it is all there.

The food is sensational and includes Schnellimbiss (snacks) like Bockwurst (boiled sausage), Bratwurst (grilled sausage) and Currywurst (spiced sausage) and well as wonderful fries and hamburgers. There are a number of sausage stands with imbisses (snacks) which are cheap, hearty and diverse.

While cruises are available year round generally the Atlantic island cruises are escapes from the northern winter (October to March) while cruises to the European Capitals are scheduled through the northern summer (May to September). Repositioning cruises between the Mediterranean to the Baltic also cruise down the west coast of Europe.

General Information:

Population: 9.498 (2012)- Sassnitz
Language: German
Currency: Euro, Deutsche Mark (DM)
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Dialling Code: +49

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