Pico Island, Azores, Portugal

Pico Island, named after its imposing mountain and also known as the grey island due to the mountain, is often referred as the “Ilha Montanha” (Mountain Island) and belongs to the central group of islands. Pico island is, the after S. Miguel, the second largest island in the Azores and it is 4,5 miles from Faial and 11 miles from S. Jorge.

Some of the places to visit:

For the more adventurous - Pico mountain, which is 2351m high, is the tallest mountain in Portugal. Climbing Pico mountain may be a reward for the magnificent views, that the altitude provides, of both Pico island and the other islands of the central group, although it is always advisable to be accompanied by a guide. Note:You drive up to 1.200m-from there you have to climb.

The coastline is indented with headlands and bays. Impressive lava arches like the “Arcos do Cachorro” (Arches of the Puppy) can be seen along the coastline, where the sea churns through tunnels. The curious rock formation has the shape of the face of a dog, the lava formations were named after that peculiar shape

Santo Amaro - where the main shipbuilding yard in the Azores is can be found: traditional techniques, experienced craftsmen transform gnarled and twisted wood into attractive rowing boats, fast motor-boats, trawlers and other fishing and passenger boats.

Whaling Museum - This museum, which was set up recently in a former boat-house, is the only one of its kind in Portugal. It contains a collection of over a hundred scrimshaw pieces, carved in the tooth or bone of the whale.

The area of Criação Velha - small sheltered vineyards protected by the blacklava stone, where the aperitif Verdelho is made.

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