Peel, Isle of Man

Peel, is affectionately known as the Sunset City is situated on the west coast of the Island. It does indeed see some spectacular sunsets throughout the year, made all the more memorable by the magnificent ruined castle that stands on a small island at the west end of the town. Amongst its ruins is an ancient Celtic cathedral dating from the 13th century. It's this cathedral that makes Peel into a city, or so the locals will claim! The cathedral is surrounded by the pink sandstone walls of Peel Castle, which dates from the 14th century.

The name 'Peel' is a corruption of the word 'pile' which refers back to the stockade or enclosure which was there in mediaeval times, but the ancient Gaelic name for Peel is Purt ny Hinshey, which means 'Port of the Island'.

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