Santa Cruz, Graciosa Island, Portugal

Situated north in the Azores Archipelago, the island of Graciosa has approximately 67 km2 on it's surface, it is part of the central island group along with the islands of Terceira, Faial, São Jorge and Pico. It is unknown the date of it's discovery, even though many historians point to the year 1450. It is thought for the moment, that it's discovery was made by navigators coming from Terceira Island, who enventually inhabited it, mainly because of the charm of the beautiful island. Carnival, happines and plenty of activities between all inhabitants of Graciosa, are what make these festivities a point of reference for those who want to visit the island. Visit the Santa Cruz Church: Built in the XVI Century and rebuilt in the XVII century, it is without a doubt a place to visit and admire, with an altarpiece painted on wood, tile, panels, as well as antique images dating back to the XVI Century.

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